Who are we and what is this?

Who are we and what in the world is this?

Great question!


In early 2019, as wireless headphones were becoming more popular, a couple of teenagers realized that there were no wireless headphones that were good quality, reliable, and affordable (a problem for college students).

We started looking on the web for wireless headphones that we could wear to the gym, at malls, to class, and everything in between.


What we ended up finding were manufacturers who were willing to make such headphones, and we went ahead and placed two orders. Once the headphones came in, we realized we had something special in our hands.


For less than half the price of other wireless headphones, these were par in terms of quality (if not better, and these are not our words).


When people started asking questions about the BlackPods (the name was pretty obvious) because of the quality and unique look, we decided to start BlackPod Co.


Initially, since we only had one product, we named the website after it. Today, we go by BlackPod Co. or Black Supply. After a few days of designing a website and ordering a hundred pairs, we were live and ready to roll!



After spending a few bucks on ads on Google and Facebook, we got our first order on June 21, 2019. I still remember the feeling.


After figuring out how to ship a package half way across the globe, we had our first satisfied customer, and strived to do the same for more. The rest is history.


Less than 4 months after, we reached our 500th order, and today, we have shipped out over 2000 orders for multiple electronics to over 100 countries.



But with anything in life, once you grow to a certain point, people take notice and follow.

It didn't take long for others to mimic our brand, site, name, and everything possible to throw us off.


Those sites do not last long - after complaints and chargebacks, they go as fast as they come. In the process, they do harm our brand and name, but by building trust with customers, we have managed to come out on top.




For this reason, we know the importance of satisfying each and every customer to the best of our abilities, because without you, we would not exist.



BlackPod Co. is now a subsidiary of Black Supply - offering premium accessories with more products in the making!

It has been almost a year since the first order and our mission is the still same: Affordable, High Quality products that are known for premium quality.